Trial procedure

You can apply for trial registration from the link below.

  1. If you jump to the above link, the following registration page will be displayed.

You must enter your company name, country name, etc. Also, please be sure to check the “Terms and Conditions”.

After entering the above information, press “Registration”.

2. You will receive the following verification code at your registered email address.

3. The verification code input screen is displayed on the registration page. Enter the verification code and press “OK”.

4. You will receive an email notifying you that you have completed registration as an administrator. You can log in to the License Management from the link in the email.

The attached file is required for device users to authenticate ArchXtract login with an address other than the account registered with Microsoft Intune, and is not used when logging in with an Intune account.

For detailed operation methods of the license management portal and Intune settings, please use the link to the manual on the dashboard after logging in to the portal.