Last Updated: 2021/4/1

2021/4/1: Notice of price revision

We have revised the price.
Please check the price list as it has been updated.
As a result, some functions and support have been charged, so please check them as well.
We also plan to make some changes to the contract details.
We will contact the customers who are currently using with details by e-mail. Thank you.

2021/2/8: ArchXtract for iOS ver 1.0.9 released

ArchXtract for iOS has been updated to ver 1.0.9. Please check the release notes for details.

2021/1/29: English version released

Server maintenance was completed at 5:00 PM(JST) on 1/29.
The license management system has been updated.
It is possible to set the language switch to the English version and the time zone settings.

2021/1/28: Server maintenance schedule (1/29 PM)

We plan to update ArchXtract’s license management system on 1/29 PM.
Please understand that all services will be stopped during maintenance.

2020/11/01: English version coming soon

ArchXtract is a product for Japan. Currently, as the number of inquiries from overseas customers has increased, we are working on English support. The app can change the language to English, but the time zone is not yet supported outside Japan.
In addition, the license management portal and manual are only available in Japanese.
The English version is being prepared in a hurry, so please wait for a while. A full English version will be released as early as January 2021.

2021/1/28: About startup crash on iOS 14.2.

The following issues have been resolved in iOS 14.4. Users who are having problems are encouraged to update to iOS 14.4.

After updating to iOS 14.2, there is a problem that ArchXtract does not start on some devices.

Specifically, it is a problem that occurs when installing an app via MDM such as Intune on a device with a relatively new CPU.

It is said that Apple and Microsoft are currently investigating jointly, so we apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who are having problems, but please wait for a while.

As a sure workaround,

  1. Do not upgrade to iOS 14.2
  2. Download directly from the App Store, not via MDM
  3. Not used on modern devices

If you have any problems, please consider the possible measures above.