Please check the following points before contacting us

Inquiries about Intune unmanageable

Please check the following Microsoft Intune documentation again to see if there are any problems with your Intune settings.

Official product documentation for Microsoft Intune.

Inquiries regarding ArchXtract login not possible

In addition to checking the above Intune document, please check the Intune app configuration policy settings described in the ArchXtract administrator manual once again before contacting us.

About connection failure in the operation where products other than Intune are installed in the system

In an environment where Intune and other companies’ products are used together, please contact the manufacturer of the relevant product first.

ArchXtract is operated after connecting to the CEGB server on Azure for license authentication. Please check once again whether the installed environment allows connection to the CEGB server and contact us.

About connection with ADFS

ArchXtract basically does not support ADFS. In the environment where ADFS is used, special exclusion settings are required. Please consult with Microsoft and set it up.

About unzipping the zip created by the automatic email attachment encryption tool

Some zip files created by the automatic encryption tool may use a special format. Please contact us after confirming the specifications published by the manufacturer of the relevant tool.

About Reseller support

ArchXtract’s Policy does not support Resellers. End users can contact us directly.